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I was advised by a friend that you are someone who has years of experience as an astrologist. Also, that you are honest and a good Hearted Soul, who is able to do an acridVediceHoroscope Charts.Not onlywere you able to do my chart well, but you also gave relevant and precise interpretation of my chart. Based on working with you, they lied to me. You far exceeded my expectations. Not only are you a gifted and very caring person, who gives your all. You when above and be onto answered any and all questionsthat I had. Seeking to ensure that I understood clearly how to apply this reading to my day to day interaction in the world. You are a professional Astrologists and knowledgeable priest, who is truly committed to the overall well being and betterment of his client, and I am grateful to you and for you.
Joydeep Mitra, Software Engineer, Mentor Graphics Corporation, Austin,TX
From the moment you enter Basumitraji space, you know that he is a very unique and special person. As Basumitraji embarks upon his reading what your astrology chart means, you are stunned by his seemingly full understanding, and appreciation, of all aspects of you with only knowing your name and date of birth. Then, the real journey begins as he masterfully recreates your life from beginning to present, but fills it in with extraordinary perception of how your strengths, weaknesses, character, personality and soul deepest intent has played its part while putting your life into a sense of order, rhythm and rhyme that leaves you speechless with a whole new appreciation of your own life. It is amazing how his interpretation of your chart brings forth a greater understanding of your unique gift and piece of the puzzle in this world along with sharing many incredible possibilities you could consider. Basumitraji astrology readings leave you feeling good about yourself, your life and what could be with great inspiration of how to move forward in a positive way. I would highly recommend him to anyone who desires to have a deeper, richer experience of themselves and how the universal forces have joined forces to help you be the best you can be.
Debalina Mitra, Tax Analyst, Internal Revenue Service Austin,TX